Where to Live in Bangkok – The Most Popular Areas with Expats

There are 50 districts in Bangkok, each offering their own unique selling point for people thinking about relocating to Bangkok. The majority of foreigners live in a certain number of locations throughout the city.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular areas of Bangkok and see what attracts people to living in these areas of the City of Angels.

  • West of the river – Although not quite as popular with foreigners as the east side, western Bangkok contains many amenities and entertainment venues, schools and transportation links. The BTS line connects the westside with the rest of the city, and there are many other ways to travel into the more popular entertainment areas. Having recently opened, schools such as BASIS International School are among the many top international schools that service the area.
  • Sukhumvit area – As one of the longest roads in Thailand, the world famous Sukhumvit Road runs from central Bangkok all the way to the Cambodian border. It navigates through some of Bangkok’s most trendy and sought-after areas, through the south eastern part of the city where it then follows the coast down through Chon Buri city to Pattaya. After Pattaya, Sukhumvit road follows the coast along the eastern seaboard where it joins the Cambodian border in Trat province. When people talk about living on Sukhumvit road, though, they usually mean a specific part of the road which runs through central Bangkok. Along central Sukhumvit road include some of the trendiest areas of Bangkok, including:
  • Asoke
  • Phrom Pong
  • Ekkamai
  • Thong Lo
  • On nut

Very popular with expats, these areas offer something for everyone, with huge shopping malls, trendy bars, coffee shops and IG worthy brunch spots.

  • Sathorn / Silom – A more ‘Thai’ area of Bangkok yet still full of attractive amenities, Sathorn/Silom is located in the central business district. Along Sathorn road, you will find a plethora of bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, perfect if you work in that part of town but don’t want to commute from Sukhumvit area every day.
  • Khao San area – made famous by the backpacker haven, the Khao San area offers a lot more than just tourist tit-tat. The Royal palaces are located in this area, making it an excellent area to frequent if you want to experience everything Thai culture has to offer,

Finding accommodation in Bangkok couldn’t be easier, with new condos popping up almost daily.

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