The Digital Landscape Of College Search

It’s becoming more and more clear just how much of an influence the popular social media applications of today have on aspiring college students. While it’s true that many of these platforms have been around for years, the content that is being shared surrounding the college experience has evolved as a result of the recruiters and marketers working for these colleges. Understanding just how long each of these students spends online, particularly on these applications, these staff members understood that only providing a chance to see this content on official college webpages would be doing potential students a disservice. This extends even into the graduate level curriculum offered by colleges, as many of these students are also using these applications in a similar fashion as undergraduate students. Through the creation of this content, colleges are better capable of resonating with potential students and can create a link between these students and their school. Hoping to learn more about the specific strategies being utilized by these institutions in the spirit of recruitment? Take a look at the resource coupled alongside this post for some additional information.

The Digital Landscape Of College Search provided by Encoura, one of the premier choices in undergraduate digital marketing

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