Steps to becoming DP certified

The employment rate for rigs that are in oceans and seas are reducing which means that there are not many DP operators out there today. This creates a beautiful chance to be recertified and be useful to rigs that still require supplies and regular maintenance. The global oil crisis should not scare you to not getting recertified. These here are some of the steps that you should follow to be DP certified today.

Get enrolled

You will have to find a way to get enrolled for dynamic positioning training program. During the DP revalidation course you will learn different things like the perfect dynamic positioning when operating the rig. Choose the best institution to get your training from that is also affordable.

Practical training and knowledge

This is where you are on board on the DP operating vessel learning different things both practically and theoretically. This gives you a firsthandexperience of what you need to learn and this is always ideal in boosting your understanding.

Start advanced stimulator course

Upon successfully finishing the above requirements, you become eligible to enroll for an advanced course in dynamic positioning. This DP advanced simulator course improves your knowledge through the basic course and the infield training that you get while you are at it.

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