Learn about life while gaining a bachelor’s degree with international travel

You have returned to Sisaket for a brief holiday from the company where you are happily employed in Bangkok, so happy to go back and see everyone. Your family cannot wait for your homecoming, as your parents and family are so proud of you.

They had worked and saved hard to be able to offer you the opportunity do exceed their academic achievements and create the opportunity for you to set yourself up for life and look after them after you gained a bachelor’s degree international (called เรียน อินเตอร์ ปริญญา ตรี in Thai).

  • You had to study hard at high school where you gained A level passes to be able to qualify to enter the program. And you worked hard whenever you could to assist the generosity of those who assisted you financially.
  • Your English had to be good before qualification was awarded by passing the IELTS certificate/Finn English Test. You improved your spoken English by volunteering at the local tourist attraction and assisting visitors.
  • You were so nervous at the interview in front of the Finn lecturer team, the company that runs the program, but you passed easily.
  • Then of course there was the money, which while it seemed a lot, it saved you three times as much money on tuition fees.
  • As you love your country and proudly showing it off to visitors, you decided to enrol to earn a degree in BA (Hons) Travel and Tourism Management.
  • The program consisted of studying for two years in Bangkok, with other locations also available, which was split into six semesters. The first four of which you learned theoretically and practiced real situations, even meeting top companies, prior to the final two semesters being a full time internship with a company in your specific field, which has led to your career opportunity.
  • If you thought that was exciting, it was nothing compared to the third year which you completed in the UK, with other options being Australia or Switzerland.
  • You chose a university in York among the other available choices, as it was perfect for learning about history, tourism, and it provided a fantastic range of opportunities to interact with visitors and offer experience.

Back in Thailand with your degree after a lot of hard work and studies, you are not only with good employees, but you have learned about life and your command of the English language is superb. The three year course offered by Finn really was life changing.


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