Education – The Value of Learning Through Play

If your child has gotten to the age where you need to start looking for kindergarten programmes, it is important to find a school that successfully develops their skills and prepares for the next stage of their learning. Don’t be surprised if your kid spends a lot of their time at school in the work of play. During play children learn all types of important skills, that is why guided, and free play are incredibly beneficial.

Developing Effective Communication

If you are looking for a good kindergarten in Bangkok, find a school which promotes learning through play. When your child plays with other kids in an activity which has been created by a teacher, they learn to develop important speech and language skills.

Even if they play along, they narrate their actions and talk to themselves. When playing with other children your child will tell them what is happening and organise ideas as they go along. If there is a dispute during play, the teacher can get involved and help them resolve the issue. Their exposure to language, especially not of their mother tongue is excellent for increasing their vocabulary and fostering effective communication.

Learning Social Skills

Learning which involves play is a great way to improve children’s social skills. They get the opportunity to work towards a shared goal and act as leaders and members of the group. When a task involves play, kids learn to be:

  • Assertive
  • Cooperative
  • Leaders
  • Understanding

Learning through fun activities, lets kids bond and build friendships with others in their class. As they play, they learn to work through their emotions and come to an agreement that suits both parties. Kids can work on dealing with negative feelings through activities that involve play.

Critical Thinking & Motor Skills

Creating activities and projects that improve critical thinking is essential for young learners. If you are looking for a kindergarten for your child, ask about their curriculum and see what way they approach learning. Learning how to evaluate and critically think helps kids to develop their attention span, memory and flexibility.

Motor skills, both gross and fine are learned through play. There are so many ways to improve motor skills inside and outside the classroom. Young children learn gross motor skills by learning to run, jump and throw. Their fine motor skills can be improved by activities inside the classroom, some of the most effective include, writing and colouring.


Imaginative play is essential for a child’s development. It happens when their critical thinking skills development, allowing them to see other ways of solving a problem. Pretend play helps kids to imagine a variety of scenarios, giving them different reactions and conclusions. Research shows that imaginative play leads to higher cognitive ability.

Play is one of the most effective ways to promote learning. Kids learn all sorts of new skills through play. If you are looking at an international school for kindergarten, find out about their curriculum and teaching methods. You should always choose a school that encourages learning through play, providing meaningful lessons that kids enjoy.

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