Check Out Countries That Will Pay You Much For Teaching English Abroad!

The career of teaching abroad an international language is growing and rising at present. Nowadays people are more into learning new languages. As a traveler, you should be aware of some foreign languages to communicate with other nations. To have smooth communication with foreigners, people are learning the English language. English is the most common language which is used to have a communication with people of various countries. Even if you do not know the native language, you can chat with them in English because English is an international language.

People who move to other nations tend to enroll in an English program. It is one of the significant reasons behind the demand for a teacher who can teach English abroad. Not only salary, but it is also a career that will provide you growth and opportunities by becoming a foreign language teacher. If you want to teach students and people an English language, then get a TEFL certification first, in which you will learn methods and techniques to make the English learning process for your students away easier. Then, it’s time to discuss foreign countries that will pay you a high salary for teaching the English language.


Due to English being a common language, many people want to learn English to communicate with foreigners. Especially people feel like learning the English language when they move to another country.

As we all know, many people move to UAE, and UAE has Arab as a native language. So to have a communication, people learn English because English is an international language which gets spoken in almost every country.

To teach in UAE, you should be experienced and have TEFL certification. If you are TEFL certified, there is a high chance you will get paid more than others who are not certified. In addition, your salary will range between 3000 dollars to 5000 dollars per month.


Japan is a beautiful country to work in.  Teachers who know English are in demand. As we all know, Japan has Japanese as its native language. Most people discuss in the Japanese language who are native of japan. If you want to teach the English language over there, you will need TEFL certification to ensure that you know techniques to teach effectively.

You will get paid 3200 us dollars which sounds great with some benefits like free accommodation and a flight ticket. Moreover, it will be a great chance for you to explore such a beautiful country.


 Teaching the English language in Vietnam will be an excellent opportunity for those who do not have experience in teaching but have a TEFL certificate with a bachelor’s degree. It is a country that has witnessed a great demand for ESL teachers.

The salary would be slightly low compared to other countries, ranging between 1500 U.S dollars to 2500 U.S. Dollars in a month. In addition, the cost of living is not so expensive, which means you can save your money to explore the country.

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