Arc Program CT-Connect With Alternative Teacher Certification

Arc Program CT is a program launched for those who don’t obey certain rules like the traditional teacher certification route, and now they are looking for any switch career into teaching. So State board of education now offers many alternative Paths for the Teacher to get teacher certification. Different pathways are launched for those who differ with their background and related to education and their experience outlined below.

Need of alternative certification

The minimum requirement that is needed for this program is a bachelor degree. This requirement meets the need to complete an ARC program, which leads to a postgraduate certificate and a master degree. You will also require Pass skill tests and exams of the content area to receive your certificate.

Different types of ATL are generally designed for the people who have bachelor degrees outside any education referred by the teachable subject. This type of program always take two years for completing, and you can get approval by the state order for qualifying the license. It also offers many non-traditional ways to the people looking for changes in the career of teaching. This program also allows you to begin your teaching while studying and provide a proper pathway for a new career that also provides side by side income.

An alternative way to the certification program

Many individuals holding a bachelors degree in teaching line with a minimum of 3 GPA and passing the academic skill test can apply for ARC teacher certification. This program has been offered two times a year summer program is for 10 week, and it 2-semester weekend programs that starts in September and ends in May.  The curriculum of this program includes giving training on basic skills required for educators. After completing this program successfully, the teacher is eligible for getting a license. ARC training prepares the teachers for a limited range of subjects.

This also offers certification related to vocational education that includes technical and career education subjects such as business health and marketing related subject. In many cases, the candidates trying to get the certification attained a diploma in high school and three years of practical experience in the taught subject. For some occupations and industrial certification for the college experience, it is the most important thing.

Applicants holding the teacher certificate of another state are also eligible for the certification in this state to review their experience and credentials. These candidates can also hold out state license and are eligible for testing provided to give the best teaching experience.

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