Anxious Moments: Deciding which pre-schooling program is best for your child

As a parent in Olney, MD, when your child approaches the age of between two and five years, your thoughts probably are about childcare options.  These decisions are critical, because what you decide will impact the mental, physical and emotional development of your child for years to come. And, while Olney child care centers offer parents and kids access to some of the best early childhood learning experiences, it’s natural to want to learn more before making a decision.

Here are some considerations that parents in Olney must weigh when deciding what to do about their child’s preschool care requirements.

The Curriculum: Understand what types of learning and care your children can expect

It’s common for parents and guardians of preschool age children, ready to enter child care for the first time, to have apprehensions about what their children will learn. That’s why it’s important to ask about the curriculum the center follows. The curriculum at any MCCA-affiliated preschool in Olney MD is the Creative Curriculum®. This is a play-based, interactive and structured standard of study for preschool age children. The program focuses on school readiness and is one that’s approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

The Staff: Know who your child will spend time with

Another source of anxiety, for the families of children entering childcare programs, relates to the quality and abilities of the staff at those centers. Since young minds are extremely impressionable, it’s important that they associate only with caring adults qualified and capable to shape their impressionable minds.

MCCA staffs all its child care programs with experienced and trained staff, with intimate knowledge of the Creative Curriculum®. And Olney child care centers are no exception. Each child has a unique personality, and children in our care interact with specialists that know how to bring out the best in each child. These interactions build a trusting bond between the children and the adults caring for them. By fostering those links, our trained staff help with the unique mental, emotional and physical developments of the child.

The environment: How do children learn, play and grow in the center

Finally, before making a decision on a specific child care or daycare program, it’s important to get a sense of the environment at the center. This is the setting in which your child will spend much of the day over the course of the next few years. Because it impacts their physical and mental wellbeing, it’s understandable to have questions about the setting.

The environment at each MCCA preschool in Olney MD is one where safety comes before all! Kids play, learn, explore and investigate new ideas and concepts in a fun environment where they are kept safe. Because they’re under the supervision of trained and knowledgeable adults, who know how to care for and comfort young children, no child is ever in harms way.

The environment at the centers allows kids the freedom to interact with other kids and discover and build their unique personalities in a fun and safe setting.  The environment lets kids meet other children of different backgrounds and ethnicities, which helps develop social and communication skills they’ll need once they commence their schooling years – and beyond.

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