Activities to Encourage Walking in Children

Walking is a great way to encourage children to be physically active. Children’s education specialists at Daycare Rockville believe many kids are more active outside. At the same time that they exercise with their friends, they get some fresh air. We have compiled a list of activities you might want to try with your children to help encourage them to be active.

●    Reaching for objects

At the Rockville Day Care Center, children of different age groups participate in lots of fun games and puzzles, one of which includes reaching for objects. Using objects that are within reach but not too easy is essential. The goal is to make it fun and rewarding for the child to reach for the object and then walk back to their original spot. A great way to make it more fun is by using a game like “Let’s Reach,” where one person starts at one end of the room and another starts at the other. They can run across the room and grab the object before their partner does when the person at the other end says, “Let’s reach.”

●    Barefoot exploration

According to a recent American Heart Association study, kids who walked barefoot had higher physical activity and exercise rates than kids who wore shoes. This happens because the thick soles of shoes make it difficult for your feet to feel the ground, which throws your balance off. Instead of having them wear shoes, encourage them to walk outside, in the backyard, or on the beach. Let them use their feet to explore and express themselves. Allow them to take in the surroundings’ natural beauty and feel the ground beneath their feet.

●    Push toys

Push toys are typically made of plastic and designed to look like a car, truck, or other vehicle. You can find push toys at most stores. The benefit of push toys is that they provide a physical activity for children that encourages walking. This can be good for children who may be apprehensive about walking because they may feel like they are not physically prepared to walk. Children attending Daycare Rockville have access to various push toys to play with.

●    Holding objects in both hands while standing

One activity that can help encourage walking in children is holding objects in both hands while standing. This activity is typically done with a ball or a toy, which must be held in each hand. The child should stand up with the object in their hands and then put it down on their right side. After a few seconds, they should pick it up and put it down on their left side. They should repeat this until they have completed the entire exercise.

Teamwork Pays!

Children need to be active, so it is great to have a team to help encourage the need for activity. Children given a team are more likely to get out and walk more. Children who attend Rockville Day Care Center have the opportunity to walk fast as they will be doing so with their mates. Additionally, they can learn how to share and take advantage of the outdoors more.

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