6 Effectively Easy Methods Before Taking Japanese Class

Japan becomes one of five countries with the largest economy in the world. Therefore, being proficient in Japan language will surely give benefits, especially when it comes to a job opportunity. Besides taking a Japanese class, there are six easy methods to use, allow you to excel in the speech more effectively.

1.    Watch Japanese TV Programs with Subtitles

One of the easiest and fun methods to learn this language is frequently watching Japanese programs with your mother language subtitles. There are a lot of anime, dramas, movies, and documentaries from Nihon. In time, you will be acquainted with their words and how to pronounce them.

2.    Learn Japanese Songs

Listening to Japanese songs multiple times will help you master the lingo faster and better. At first, you can learn how to voice the words, and then, study the meaning of the lyrics. Once you can sing and memorize the songs smoothly, you will notice the moment you hear the same phrases.

3.    Know Most Common Words

The third method to master Japanese is by learning sentences or words that are mostly used. Focus on 1,000 most frequent words because those phrases construct eighty percent of the speech. By understanding the most commonly spoken vocabularies, you will be able to accelerate your Japanese conversation.

4.    Take a Class or Course

You may be able to learn Japanese by yourself but if you wish to excel in your goal, then you better have a tutor and partner to help you with the learning process. Try to enroll in a good Japanese class in your community. Japanese class surely offers many challenging and interesting schedules and activities.

5.    Learn Hiragana and Katakana

Japanese has their own alphabets or letters, and learning them can be a daunting task. Even so, do not skip studying these written languages because it is actually quite simple. Hiragana is general alphabets, while Katakana is used to write foreign-derived words such as bāgen for bargain, baiku for bike, and konpyūtā or konpyūta for the computer.

6.    Make Japanese Habits

Start to use this language in your daily activities. You can greet your family or friends using Japanese, sing Japanese songs, watch Nihon news, and join a group that has the same interest as you. Also, show some expressions in Japanese. That way, you will be more fluent and familiar.

Taking a Japanese class is, of course, a great way to learn. Make the most of your time with Japanese with the methods above, from watching Japanese programs with subtitles to using Japanese in your daily habits.

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