3 Of The Numerous Advantages To Enrolling In a Larger University

When we are growing up in the United Kingdom, our parents frequently tell us that it is better to work for a smaller company because there, you are a person and not just a number. They tell us that in a large corporation, the human element is missing and you are treated like a commodity or a machine. It lacks the personal touch that we all need to be happy in our work as we all want to feel wanted and appreciated. In general, this is very true, but sometimes in life, choosing the bigger institution is the better idea.

When it comes to applying to university in the UK, it really is a bit of a mine field out there and missed opportunities are something you might not get another chance to have, or at least you will have to wait until next year. There is help however and you can get all the information and assistance that you need to negotiate the UK university system by logging onto and here you will find everything that you need and more. However, choose a bigger university over a smaller one and while this goes against your parent’s advice, it makes sense for the following reasons.

  1. Bigger universities can offer more majors and that means you are more likely to find the subject that you want to learn about. Smaller universities are restricted by budget and lecturer number and so cannot offer as many majors. In the same vein, larger universities offer more minor subjects and you can get a more various and comprehensive education there. There are also larger classes, so the popular subjects don’t fill up so quickly and you have a real chance of getting in.
  1. Bigger universities have better amenities and that covers everything from accommodation, to extracurricular activities, to the various clubs and groups that you can join. You have the opportunity to make more contacts for later life and the chance to make a lot more friends. The potential for larger student clubs is there and so you can find really obscure clubs that you might like to join that you just wouldn’t find with the smaller university. Smaller universities tend to just have the standard clubs and that can be a little boring for some students.
  1. A larger university can help to save money on tuition costs and other costs. Think about it, if there are say 20,000 students in a university, then this can help to keep costs down as more students are enrolled there. Larger universities can also offer scholarships or free tuition to special students who show increased capabilities than other students.

Whilst attending a smaller university may mean smaller classes and more attention from your lecturer, the advantages to going to a larger institution are more than is listed here today. You get to save money, make more new friends and you get to study what you really have a passion for.

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